Our Affiliate Program
Our Affiliate Program
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How much you can earn: (Affiliate Plans)

In addition, you will earn money from referrals according to your account type:

account type disk space expire file date PPS and rebill rate payout time (business day) level will be upgrade on
Basic 2 TB 15 days 50% 15 days -
Bronze 4 TB 30 days 60% 12 days +200 $
Silver 8 TB 45 days 65% 10 days +500 $
Gold 20 TB 60 days 70% 7 days +2,000 $
Platinum 50 TB 90 days 75% 5 days +5,000 $
Diamond 200 TB 120 days 80% 3 days +20,000 $

We pay 10% of sales from your website.


Q- When will my account be upgraded?

A- Your account will be upgraded automatically as soon as your total earnings reach the minimum requirement for the next level. For example: all account types are Basic by default when you join our affiliate program. Your account will be upgraded to Bronze, as soon as you earn 200$ in total.
You can see all information about your account here : http://uploadgig.com/user/my_account.

Q- How much is the minimum withdrawal?

A- The minimum withdrawal for Paypal, Webmoney and Payza is 100$.
The minimum withdrawal for wire transfer is 1000$.

Q- How can I upload files?

  • By browsing files from your hard-drive
  • By providing a link and use the Remote Upload option
  • By FTP client application